Young People

10% of Bristol’s population are young people (tomorrow’s adults). Dozens of Christian youth activities, alongside many other groups, engage with the rich diversity of young people, to find fulness of life and hope which God wants for each of them.

The challenge

All young people from whatever social, racial or faith group or none are likely to be challenged by one or more of the following that frequently bombard them throughout every day: eg lack of employment opportunities, educational issues, body image, family problems, substance abuse, materialistic pressures, lack of affordable housing, negative stereotyping, 24-hour social networking and crime.  

The challenge is to engage, within safe and secure environments where they can build good relationships, work through issues, come to understand themselves, their world and their place in it and to help to equip them for adult life. A place where they find acceptance, love, fun, and constructive positive challenges - a space for growth. Each young person is unique needing to develop in their own way.

We belief that God given values of community, compassion, generosity, kindness, acceptance and contributing through work and friendship are key to living a full life.

The response

The Christian community is one of the biggest employers of youth workers in the city. There are dozens of church-based youth groups operating across Bristol, many led by professionally qualified youth workers. 

Youth groups vary in what they offer but may include: games, sport, crafts, music, indoor activities, discussion groups, after school clubs, drop ins, social action opportunities, adventure activities, residential events either in this country or overseas, somewhere to hang out with friends etc.

Youth Alpha courses are run in many churches, (an opportunity for young people to explore the Christian faith).  

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