Trafficking & Vulnerable Women

Vision for the Vulnerable is a collaboration of organisations who share a common vision for supporting vulnerable individuals in Bristol and the South West. We are passionate about working together with churches in Bristol, to see transformation and change.

The challenge

Within Bristol, vulnerable women are facing a range of issues such as homelessness, street based and brothel based sex work, human trafficking and modern slavery:

There are an estimated 13,000 victims of trafficking and slavery across the UK, this includes potential victims of trafficking encountered by Avon & Somerset police. Research done in 2009 suggests there are over 200 establishments advertising sale of sex across the Avon and Somerset force area. There are an estimated 170 women who are street sex-working. Of these 170, 80% experience homelessness, 92% suffer from malnutrition and 99% are addicted to one or more Class A drugs and/or alcohol.

With funding cuts locally and regionally, we recognise that organisations have to be more creative and collaborative so that the most vulnerable don’t suffer. The challenge is to find ways of doing this in a way that maximises what resources we have.

The response

Beloved, One25, Spring of Hope and Unseen established a partnership in April 2015 in order to raise awareness of the issues faced by the vulnerable in our city and to encourage collaboration between churches and organisations working within the same fields.

As organisations supporting those facing issues such as homelessness, street based and brothel based sex work, human trafficking and modern slavery, we are each aware that there is more that we can do to engage supporters, educate them about the issues, to empower them to make a difference within their local communities and to support our organisations. We believe that we can do that most effectively through partnership.

Throughout 2017 we will be hosting a series of meetings in local churches. There will be time to pray, be envisioned and also get involved in practical sessions to help people develop their understanding. Together, we can help to tackle the issues facing the vulnerable in Bristol.

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