Street Pastors & Police

Thousands of young people come to Bristol City centre each weekend to enjoy the nightlife. Most will enjoy themselves and make their way home safely, but some will find themselves in difficulty. Of most concern are vulnerable lone females.

The challenge

There are a wide range of people out in the City centre at night, and hence a wide range of needs. Some simply need a bit of help finding their way safely to their hotel, bus or a taxi home. Others have lost friends or phones or money (or worse, all three).

Some are in need of rehydration, first aid, or more serious medical attention. Some ladies - rather than wear the shoes they came out in - walk barefoot and risk cutting their feet on broken glass. Some are cold, some are lonely, some in need of reassurance, comforting or encouragement.

Besides practical needs, everyone needs to know that they are not alone, that they are loved - and those who are out at 4am on Saturday night are unlikely to turn up at a Sunday morning service.

The response

Bristol Street Pastors are trained volunteers drawn from local churches; we patrol the streets around the centre on Saturday nights (from 10pm up until 4am).

  • We are there to provide a friendly and reassuring presence, working with the Police and door staff to provide practical help to those in need.  

  • Amongst the equipment we carry to provide assistance are flip-flops, bus maps, water, sweets, first aid kits and space blankets, and a dustpan and brush to clear away broken glass.

  • We also carry mobile phones to stay in touch with our prayer support and a radio to stay in touch with door staff and police.

Street Pastor schemes operate across the UK (and beyond) under supervision from the Ascension Trust. Besides Bristol Street Pastors Bristol (, there are also Street Pastor Schemes covering Kingswood ( and Chipping Sodbury (

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