About this website


The Christian Action Bristol website is a ‘one stop shop’ for Christian events, news and opportunities in Bristol. We want to create one central space that you can rely on and that we can invest in.

  • We want to raise the visibility of Christian activity going on in Bristol and all the great events, projects and people who are working together to transform the city for good.

  • We want to encourage collaboration, aid networking and build a community that want to see positive change in Bristol.

  • We want to inform, inspire and encourage people to get involved, to donate, volunteer and find out about what is going on in their community so that they can support, pray and join in.

Together we can make a difference to our city, for God’s glory.

Please do bookmark the new website but also bear with us as we change the sites over.

To submit content please follow our content guidelines on our Share Your News page (we advise an advanced lead in time of six weeks for any events you are promoting).